Flock Elefantbutterflies

Flock Elefantbutterflies


2014/2015 3 projections VIDEO INSTALLATION with a public engaging performance produced with the ZOO and NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL in Copenhagen as collaborative partners. Elephant butterflies is one of three video installations under the collective name Flocks. The collection was produced for the curated part of The FOCUS video festival in 2015 at NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL Copenhagen.
The duration of the Elephant butterflies performance is 20 min. and the Elephant butterflies video installation is 11 min. exhibited with 28 Elephant butterflies mask costumes inspired by European Pagan traditions. Screenings start with a public engaging performance, where the public become part of the flocks’ rituals and stories.
The video installation is filmed on the animal grounds in the Elephant house at the Zoological Garden in Copenhagen. The Elephant butterfly performers are young students age 11 -13 who contribute with their own group dynamic and thoughts of belonging in movement and stories. A dynamic, which is insistently present in the primary school years: to belong and not belong, the constant revision of positions in groups, the encountering of strangers and the change of environment.
The young performers create their own flock in the Zoo animal’s panoramic constructed landscapes next to the smells and residue of the real animals while the true inhabitants resided elsewhere. The project evolved over 2 months in an interdisciplinary environment with a biologist, a performer/writer, a puppeteer and a video artist. The student performers participated in an artistic process, based on the method: gathering of Zoological knowledge – observation of herd behaviour – learning through performance, text improvisations and video recordings.
The Elephant butterflies flock combines the elephant and the Blue Morpho and Monarch Butterflies. An old matriarch governs the Elephant herd finding pathways and teaching the new mothers to raise their young. The dominating male wanders alone far away from the flock and only appears when called upon. Then he comes with great hesitation, as a teenager trying to read the invitations progression. The Monarch butterflies, fly in great numbers over large distances. The Blue Morpho butterfly has a thorough camouflage side. Both animals groups have foldable trunks.

Work Method
Danish version
Funded by
The Danish Art Agency Scenekunst Ordningen
The Danish Art Agency Huskunstner Ordningen  
The Danish Art Agency Produktions puljen
Forsknings- og Velfærdsfonden

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