VIDEO INSTALLATION of Hog-calling performance for an audience of pigs. Produced for Seidler’s Solo exhibition HUMAN ANIMAL at NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL. HIGH ON HOGS shows three video projections of individual hog callers forming a hog-calling choir for an audience of hogs on the fourth projection. The performance is a re-enactment filmed in Denmark based on filming of Hog callers at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, US and research of the many hog calling champions in the US.

Hog calling is a popular sport at US country fairs where contestants call out for imaginary pigs on stage. It is the extraordinary use of the human voice in a way we seldom use it, completely and uninhibitedly the contestants become one with the sounds of pigs. When a woman or a man let go, throws her or him selves with all their might into hog calling on a stage they set us all free of behavioral stereotypes.

PIGS are very sensitive to sound, in the old days pigs would roam freely in the forests, and was once a year summoned long distance by a “hog caller”. Today “Hog calling” is only a popular sport at US country fairs. In Denmark the mini pig has been invented for animal experiments. Pig’s organs give humans new life. All the same pigs live in industrial farms in controlled environments 12 million Pigs are present in Denmark co-existing with 6 million Human inhabitants. In Melanesia the pig is a highly estimated animal and used in ritualized gift giving ceremonies that stabilizes the social balance between neighbours, every marriage includes an exchange of pigs, as your own pig you may not eat.

Danish version
Video projections 4 
Duration 12 min. 
Production 2013 
Location Illinois and Copenhagen
Funded by The Danish Arts Foundation and The Danish Arts Agency

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