SHORT FILM 6 min. commissioned by The DANISH ARTS AGENCY and DR DANISH NATIONAL TELEVISION channel K. VIDEO INSTALLATION with three projections 12min. part of the Solo exhibition HUMAN ANIMAL at NIKOLAJ KUNSTHAL.
The phenomenon silicone babies began in the 90s in the US. The silicone babies are sculpted from scratch by “re-borners” as: premature babies with dark skin, new-borns with clamp and umbilical cord, large babies with chubby arms, and a mouth that opens for a milk bottle or pacifier, screaming babies, peacefully sleeping babies and custom made babies with open or closed eyes.
Doll mothers have their own lingua and call themselves “mothers” some are serious art collectors and their dolls are treasured, carefully displayed and never touched. For a few the dolls are a reminder of children who never were born and who were on their way, the dolls are in a few cases substitute for not having children. Others show their dolls on youtube in different everyday situations; dolls are fed, bathed, changed and get gifts from the “aunties” who follow their youtube channel. At “box openings” the newly “adopted” “baby” comes out of its cardboard box for the first time in the home.
The film recreates the illusion of the close relationship between mother and child with participating actors, puppeteers and doll collectors. The participants examine parental feelings with songs and playfulness in staged environments. They experience the “baby” coming out of the box for the first time, and feel an immediate empathy and carefulness in holding the seemingly unprotected new life. Their facial expressions are either silent or a strong surprise when seeing the fine details of toes, fingers, nails, skin, little ears and soft hair. But at the same time they describe another unsettling feeling, the feeling of uneasiness. The “baby” is definitely very life like, but at the same time completely cold and still. Ambivalence grow in the fascination of the life-like “baby” and reminds them simultaneously of death, giving a sensuous experience of the phenomenon “The Uncanny Valley”.

Produced 2013/2014  

The uncanny valley
Danish version
Funded by The Danish Art Agency 
Originally produced for The DANISH ARTS AGENCY and DR DANISH NATIONAL TELEVISION channel K. 

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