PANORAMIC VIDEO INSTALLATION a tribute to the Golden age painter P.C. Skovgaard’s wife early death. Exhibited at The P.C. Skovgaard Museeum in Viborg. “Vaagekoner” are mostly women who watch over the dying who have no family or friends. They sing, hum, tells stories and are present to comfort those in need. The dictionary of the Danish language explains the word “vaage” as “a state of transition between sleeping and being awake”.       
The video installation is recorded with a group of five Red Cross “vaagekoner” in Favrskov West in the same province as the Museum. The women carry us with their quiet song and simple stories. The first scene takes place in their bedrooms. The women sit quietly humming and singing as they move their faces, hands, hair and necks. The second scene is in a Limestone Cave. The women light up the cave with candles as they walk together in the darkness. The third scene is a panorama of the vast flat heather landscape at Kongenshus Memorial Park in autumn. Here we witness slowly how the women’s men come closer and closer into the framed foreground. At close range the “Vaagekoner” join their men briefly and then disappear. The men are left alone in the dry heather, as they slowly dissolve into the ground. The video installation is exhibited as one long panoramic image about 1 x 6 meters.

The panorama video installation “Vaagekoner” premiered at The P.C. Skovgaards Museum in Viborg, Denmark. A Museum dedicated to the artworks of the Danish 18th century Golden Age painter P.C. Skovgaard. The cinematic track of “Vaagekoner” is inspired by P.C. Skovgaards’ life passion for painting nature as a painter of the Golden Age and his wife Georgia early death in childbirth. After Skovgaard lost his Georgia the
15th of July 1868, the 15th of August 1868 he painted “Children in the Woods by Nysø” (“Børn i Skovbrynet ved Nysø”) the painting portrays Georgia and their three children in nature’s embrace, a simple gesture of recalling his wife and their life together.
Contemporary art historians and politicians encouraged the Danish painters during the Golden Age in the 18th century to paint positively charged images for the enhancement of the national self-esteem. As many artists at that time P.C. Skovgaard travelled in the countryside and painted the lush green forests from it’s most beautiful side. Artists in the Golden Age chose summer as their preferred season. In contrast to P.C Skovgaard’s green forests “Vaagekoner” show life’s dark but peaceful side.
The installation “Vaagekoner” is exhibited in the group exhibition “Sommerrejsen” at The P.C. Skovgaards Museum in Viborg, Denmark. The exhibition shows 4 other contemporary artists (Vibe Bredal, Malene Hartmann, Carina Zunino, Cecilie Westerberg) with whom I travelled to Viborg and interpreted the Golden Age painter P.C. Skovgaard’s work by creating artworks in the area.
Original language Danish
5 projections 
 Danish version
Produced in 2012
8 min., 

Funded by Grosserer L. Foghts fond, Seidler production and The Danish Arts Agency

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